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RED TAPE PARADE was founded in 2007 by a bunch of people in their late twenties from the hardcore punk scene in southern Germany. The modest and simple goal was to play music and write lyrics that would reflect their experiences and musical tastes while growing older.
While their peers got involved in ironic post-hardcore or minimal house RED TAPE PARADE went back to the early purchases of their record collection in search for inspiration. Over the course of the next five years the group’s music evolved from fast, angry hardcore punk to a more melodic and poppier sound.

RED TAPE PARADE released a split 7″ with End Of A Year  in 2008, followed by their first album “Ballads Of The Flexible Bullet” shortly after.
2009 saw the release of a 6 Song EP titled “The Floor”. Not only paying homage to Dag Nasty by recreating one of their cover artworks but also featuring guest vocals from DN’s controversial third singer Peter Cortner.
In late 2010 the band put out their second full length “The Third Rail Of Life”. Once again RED TAPE PARADE reached out to their friends and received guest vocals from Matthew Davies-Kreye (Funeral For A Friend), Scott Freeman (Shook Ones), Joey Cape (Lagwagon) and Patrick Kindlon (End Of A Year).
In the years 2011 and 2012 shows all over Europe with Pennywise, A Wilhelm Scream, Funeral For A Friend, The Bouncing Souls, Boysetsfire, Lagwagon and The Menzingers followed.

In June 2012 RED TAPE PARADE got invited to play the legendary German TV show “WDR Rockpalast”. That night Chris Wollard from Hot Water Music joined them on stage for their cover version of Dag Nasty’s “Values Here”.
On August 9th 2012 – unknown to them or anybody in the audience – RED TAPE PARADE performed together for the last time.

While taking a break from touring to work on their third full length vocalist Nicolas “Wauz” Y Tous got diagnosed with cancer in December 2012. Wauz passed away on April 15th 2013.

RED TAPE PARADE played one last show in his honour on May 15th 2013 with longtime friends Eric Greulich, Matze Nürnberger and Nathan Gray handling the vocal duties.

The remaining members of RED TAPE PARADE are currently working on their final record.
Scheduled release date is Wauz birthday, April 1st 2014.

We were Red Tape Parade.


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