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09 May 2014
LP - CD - Digital

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May 2014
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June 2014
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Bane Don't Wait Up

Since 1995 BANE represent pretty much everything that Hardcore/Punk should stand for:
Powerful riffs, the sincerest "wearing-your-heart-on-your-sleeve" lyrics and the pure, unconditional love for a counter culture that is the true alternative to mainstream rock and pointless pop since surfacing in the early 80's.

"Don't Wait Up" will be BANE's first record since their legendary full length "The Note" in 2005 and unfortunatly also the final album by this five piece from Boston,Massachusetts.

"Don't Wait Up" is a classic BANE album incoperating non-compromising hardcore, fast paced punk riffs and tons of subtile melody while still pushing the envelope of what a heavy, guitar based band can pull off.

This is what singer Aaron Bedard has to say about it:
"It's a pretty somber, self-aware record that really deals with the band ending and the needing to say goodbye and the moving on that will have to follow. Something that I know needs to happen but that I still dont actually feel prepared for."

The final chapter in BANE's impressive history is being recorded by Jay Mass from DEFEATER at Getaway Recording studio in Massachusetts.

On "Calling Hours" - undoubtly one of the musically most diverse songs the band ever wrote - they brought in long time friends and allies Pat Flynn (Have Heart), Walter Delgado (Rotting Out) , David Wood (Down to Nothing, Terror) and Reba Meyers (Code Orange Kids) to provide guest vocals.

The result is a true manifestation of the essence of BANE:

Friendship, Loyalty, the love for what you do and the experiences you made along the way.

"I would say that this is a record we made while aware that they would be the last songs the band would every write" Bedard states.  "It is the culmination of many years playing music together. It is an attempt to say goodbye to something that is very hard to let go of. We hope that this record does that bravely.

Most important, it is a hardcore record. As with everything BANE has done before it, we wrote it for the hardcore kids."


  1. Non-Negotiable
  2. All The Way Through
  3. Calling Hours (feat. Pat Flynn, Walter Delgado, David Wood , Reba Meyers)
  4. Park St
  5. What Awaits Us Now
  6. Hard to Find
  7. Lost at Sea
  8. Post Hoc
  9. Wrong Planet
  10. Final Backward Glance